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StarCut™300 Abrasive Cut-Off Machine
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StarCut™300 Abrasive Bench Type Cut-Off Machine offers the advantage of combining different cutting techniques and methods into the same machine, to obtain superior cut surfaces for a broad range of heavy-duty cutting applications. The StarCut™300 Abrasive Cut-Off Machine has X-Y-Z triple axes cutting capability:

Micro Star 2000 Inc. will ensure compliance with National Standards for all Abrasive Cut-Off Machines sold, ESA Compliance and Certification.

Power requirements 220/440 V, 3 phase 60 Hz.

Part No: 50 00 00

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StarCut™300Order No.: 50 00 00
Chop Cutting Z-AXISManual
Table Feed Cutting Y-AXISManual
Wheel Diameter, (mm)250 - 300mm
Cutting Capacity #Ø 300, (mm)up to 80 mm round
Cutting Capacity:80 x 80 square solid stock
T-Slot Table Dimensions, (mm)380 x 250
Parallel Vice:Double with holding clamp
Recirculating cooling Unit80 liters
Wheel Speed, (rpm)2850
Variable Wheel Speed, (rpm)Option
Size W x D x H (cm)65 x 90 x 86 cm
Weight. 160 kg
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