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905-660-1754 / 905-660-1754
Leeb Hardness Testers

The Leeb hardness test is a superficial determination, only measuring the condition of the surface contacted.

MicroStar Leeb Hardness Tester SH-200
The MicroStar SH-200 is supplied with a type D Impact Device. Additional 6 optional Impact Devices are available. The unit can identify each type automatically and there is no need for recalibration when changes are made. Conversion to all common Hardness Scales (HV, HB, HRB, HRC, HRA, HS) is displayed and easy to operate. Upper and lower limits can be pre-set, an alarm will trigger as soon as tested values exceed limits this function allows for easy batch measurements Order No.: 76 01 00 ...Read More
MicroStar Leeb Hardness Tester SH-300
MicroStar Leeb Hardness Tester Model SH-300 is designed for quick testing in large range and multi-measuring areas for large-scale work pieces. Failure analysis of Pressure Vessel, Steam Generators and other equipment. Testing the surface of Small Hollow Samples, Material identification of Metallic Materials, and Heavy Work Pieces, Bearings and other parts. Order No.: 76 02 00 ...Read More
MicroStar Leeb Hardness Testers SH-500
The MicroStar SH-500 Leeb Hardness Main Features: Selectable Multiple Languages, memory for 2000 Test Results, saved information including single Measured Value, Mean Value, Impact direction, number of Impacts performed, Material and Hardness. Order No.: 76 05 00 ...Read More
MicroStar Leeb Hardness Tester MH-200D
Principle of testing with MH-200 Leeb Hardness Tester: Impact and Rebound Velocities are measured by the following method: A Permanent Magnet integrated into the Impact Body passes through a Coil and induces an Electric Voltage during its forward and return travel. These Voltages are Proportional to the Velocities and are Processed and Displayed as the Hardness Value L on the Indicator. Variable function keys allow for quick change to common test parameters. ...Read More
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