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905-660-1754 / 905-660-1754
Digital Brinell Hardness Tester SHB-3000D
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The MicroStar SHB-3000D is an affordable Digital Brinell Hardness Testing Machine with high accuracy, reliability and durability. The SHB-3000D with Automatic application, holding and removal of load.

Loads: 62.5kgf,100kgf,125kgf, 187.5kgf, 250kgf, 500kgf, 750kgf, 1000kgf, 3000kgf.

Testing Range: 8 - 650 HBW. Maximum Vertical Capacity: 225mm, Throat depth: 135mm

Brinell Test Methods are defined in th following Standards: ASTM E-10, ISO 6506.

Power requirements: 110/V, 1 phase, 60 HZ.  

Micro Star 2000 Inc.will ensure compliance with National Standards for all Hardness Testers sold, ESA Compliance and Certification.

PART NO: 95 70 01

Optical Brinell Measurement System BMS-i100

Portable Brinell Hardness Tester

HardnessTest Blocks and Accessories

Hardness Conversion Charts

Value - Indicating precision table
Standard Hardness Test Block:Max. error of the indicated value:Repetition error of the indicated value:
>125± 3%3%
125± 2.5%2.5%
>125± 2%2%
Correspondent Relations Scale, Indenter, Test Force
Hardness:Indentation:F/DTest Force kg:Test Force N:
HBW 10/300010 mm30300029420
HBW 10/150010 mm15150014710
HBW 10/100010 mm1010009807
HBW 10/50010 mm55004903
HBW 10/25010 mm 2.52502452
HBW 10/10010 mm1100980.7
HBW 5/7505 mm307507355
HBW 5/2505 mm102502452
HBW 5/1255 mm51251226
HBW 5/62.55 mm2.562.5612.9
HBW 2.5/187.52.5 mm30187.51839
HBW 2.5/62.52.5 mm1062.5612.9
Standard Delivery:
Brinell Hardness Tester
20x Microscope
Flat Anvil 200mm
Flat Anvil 60mm
V-Anvil 55mm
Power Cable
Accessories Box
Anti-dust Cover
Leveling Screw
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