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905-660-1754 / 905-660-1754
MicroStar IMS-310 Inverted Metallurgical Microscope
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MicroStar IMS-310 Infinitive Optical System provides excellent optical functions. The IMS-310 supplied with a stable Stand, the advanced Stage design allows for easy operation. The IMS-310 Inverted Metallurgical Microscope is widely used in many laboratories to observe and identify the various metals and alloy structures. Focus System, coaxial coarse and fine adjustment, vertical objective movement. Coarse stroke 37.7mm per rotation, fine stroke 0.2mm per rotation.

►High-point Eyepiece EW 10X/20

► interpupillary  distance 48-75 mm. 

►Quintuple Nosepiece. Mechanical Stage layer: ø110mm, hole ø10mm, ø15mm, ø25mm. 

►Focus System: Coaxial coarse & fine adjustment, Vertical objective movement. Coarse stroke 37.7mm per rotation. Fine stroke 0.2mm per rotation.

Micro Star 2000 Inc. will ensure compliance with National Standards ESA Compliance and Certification.

Image Analysis Metavision

Standard Delivery:
Model IMS-310Order No.: 91 30 00
Objectives Infinite Plan Achromatic:4X
Objectives Infinite Plan Achromatic:10X
Objectives Infinite Plan Achromatic:20X
Objectives Infinite Plan Achromatic:40X
Trinocular Head:Inclined 30 deg. Light Distribution 20-80mm
Nose Piece:Quintuple
Mechanical Stage:110mm diameter hole 10,15,25mm
Focus System:coarse stroke 37.7mm, fine stroke 0.2mm
Illuminator:6V/30W Halogen Lamp
Color Filters:Grey, Blue, Green, Ground Glass
Optional Accessiries:
Model:Specifications:Order No.:
Objective Infinity Plan:50 X91 30 05
Objective Infinity Plan:80 X91 30 06
Objective Infinity Plan:100 X Dry91 30 07
Objective Infinity Plan:100 X Oil91 30 08
CMOS CameraUCC5.091 10 15
Adapter:C-mount 1 X91 30 08
Image Analysis Software:Metavision91 10 17
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