Metallurgical Technology

905-660-1754 / 905-660-1754
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Clamping Devices: Quick Acting Vise Assembly, Left & Right. Spring Loaded Compact Vise Assembly, MBU Vertical Clamp Device with clamping shoe.
Chop Cutting Z-AXISMan.
Table Feed Cutting Y-AXISMan.
Parallel Cutting X-AXISOption
Pulse CuttingOption
Wheel Diameter, (mm)350 -400
Cutting Capacity ø 350, (mm)Ø130
Cutting Capacity ø 400, (mm)Ø150
Cutting Capacity, # mm. (ø400 mm)85 x 285
Y-AXIS Travel, (mm)300
X-AXIS Travel, (mm)100
Z-AXIS Travel, (mm)225
T-Slot Table, (mm)521 x 402
T-Slot Dimensions, (mm)12
Cutting Power kW (S1)5.5
Cutting Power kW (S3)7.9
Wheel Speed, (rpm)2200
Variable Wheel Speed, (rpm)Option
Table Feed rate, (µ/s) Option
Size W x D x H (cm)125 x 103 x 155
Weight, (kg)528
Cooling Unit, (lt)110 lt.
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