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StarCut™80 & StarCut™100 Cut-Off Machines
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StarCut™ 80 and StarCut™100 Abrasive Cut-Off Machines are Table Top Cutters with a powerful 3.0 KW motor combined with a rocker arm mechanism which is balanced via counter spring to provide the cutting feel to the operator. The cut-off wheel is directly mounted on the motor shaft which rotates 2800 rpm and is fed into the clamping specimen for sensitive cutting. The electronic brake system which is included as standard item brings the cutter to a full stop in seconds after switching off.

The base is a large rugged alloy base casting, to assure rigidity and is mounted on a steel frame. All electrical components and the electronic brake system are housed in the robust frame. When raising the hood, the safety switch stops the motor immediately for safety.

Micro Star 2000 Inc. will ensure compliance with National Standards for all Abrasive Cut-Off Machines sold, ESA Compliance and Certification.

Power requirements: 220V, 3Phase, 60HZ.

StarCut™80 Part No: 45 10 00

StarCut™100 Part No: 46 10 00

Cut-Off Wheels



Clamping Devices: Quick Acting Vise Assembly, Left & Right. Spring Loaded Compact Vise Assembly, MBU Vertical Clamp Device with clamping shoe.
Model:StarCut™ 80StarCut™100
Cutting Capacity, Ø (mm) 80mm100mm
Wheel Diameter (mm)250x2x32350x2.5x32
Chop Cuttingyesyes
Cutting Power (KW)2.2 - 3 KW2.2 - 3KW
Wheel Speed, rpm28002800
T-Slot table Dimensions, mm (W x D)212 x 232212 x 232
Cooling Tank (lt)5050
Size, W x D x H (mm)720x700x620720x700x620
Weight (kg)194194
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