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905-660-1754 / 905-660-1754
Rockwell Test Blocks and Penetrators
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A Complete Range of Penetrators and Accessories are available for quick delivery. Penetrators and Test Blocks are Certified to ASTM-E18, ISO 6508 Standards.


Rockwell Diamond Penetrators:
Description:Working Grade:Order No.:
HRC Scale DiamondClass B ASTM-E18HTA 220 CD
HRB Scale DiamondClass B ASTM-E18HTA 230 ND
HRC&N Scale DiamondClass B ASTM-E18HTA 229 C&N

Rockwell Ball Penetrators:
Description:Working Grade:Order No.:
1/16" Ball PenetratorClass B ASTM-E18HTA 242 BI
1/8" Ball PenetratorClass B ASTM-E18HTA 244 BI
1/4" Ball PenetratorClass B ASTM-E18HTA 246 BI
1/2" Ball PenetratorClass B ASTM-E18HTA 248 BI

Rockwell Test Blocks:
Description:Ranges:Order No.:
HRA Scale20 - 84HTA-270-HRA
HRBW Scale40 - 100HTA-271-HRBW
HRC Scale20 - 62HTA-270-HRC
HRD Scale40 - 75HTA-270-HRD
HREW Scale70 -100HTA-271-HREW
HRFW Scale60 - 100HTA-271-HRFW
HRGW Scale30 - 94HTA-271-HRGW
HRHW Scale80 - 100HTA-271-HRHW
HRKW Scale40 - 100HTA-271-HRKW
HRLW Scale105 - 126HTA-271-HRLW
HRPW Scale63 - 119HTA-271-HRPW
HRRW Scale114HTA-271-HRRW
HRSW Scale105HTA-271-HRSW
HRMW Scale86 -123HTA-271-HRMW

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