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ALU-MIC Alumina Polishing Powders
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ALU-MIC A, B, C, series alumina are the un-milled precursors of ALU-MIC 1000 powders. These standard type high purity alumina have been used for many years in metallurgical polishing, less stringent optical polishing, or wherever a totally scratch free surface is not indicated. They have been identified by the industry designation of B (0.5), A (0.3) and C (1.0) alumina. ALUM-MIC A, B, C alumina are characterized by their ability to break down during the polishing operations very nicely polished surfaces, but with surface roughness coarser tan the ALU-MIC 1000 alumina produce.

ALU-MIC 1000 series alumina are derived from calcination of high alum in precisely controlled electric furnaces. Unlike most lapping and polishing alumina, ALU-MIC 1000 agglomerate free alumina are jet milled to maintained high purity and prevent extraneous material from contaminating the powders. Each lot of alumina is thoroughly blended to maintain consistent quality.

ALU-MIC 1000 series alumina are perfect for most infrared materials, stainless steel, non-ferrous and exotic metals, electro-optic and laser crystals, ophthalmic lenses and many more applications.




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Alpha & Gamma Alumina
Type:Micron:Size:Application:Order No.:
ALU-MIC A0.3 µm1 lb.Final Polishing15 13 07
ALU-MIC A0.3 µm5 lbs.Final Polishing15 13 08
ALU-MIC B0.05 µm1 lb.Final Polishing15 13 09
ALU-MIC B0.05 µm 5 lbs.Final Polishing15 13 10
ALU-MIC C1.0 µm 1 lb.Rough and/or Final Polishing15 13 11
ALU-MIC C1.0 µm 5 lbs.Rough and/or Final Polishing15 13 12
ALU-MIC 10000.1 µm 1 lb.Rough and/or Final Polishing15 13 12
ALU-MIC 10000.1 µm 5 lbs.Rough and/or Final Polishing15 13 16
ALUMINUM OXIDE5.0 µm 1 lb.Rough and/or Final Polishing15 13 21
ALUMINUM OXIDE5.0 µm 5 lbsRough and/or Final Polishing15 13 22

Properties and Specifications
Powder NameALU-MIC 1000 0.05AFALU-MIC 1000 0.1AFALUMIC-1000 0.3AFALU-MIC1000 1.0AFALU-MIC B 0.05ALU-MIC A 0.3ALU-MIC C 1
Quality Class:Aggromerate FreeAggromerate FreeAggromerate FreeAggromerate FreeStandardStandardStandard
Nom. particle size mµ::0.05 mµ0.1 mµ0.3 mµ1.0 mµ0.05 mµ0.3 mµ1.0 mµ
Aver. agglomerate size mµ:<1<1<1<1<5<5<5
Surface area sq.m/gm.:100 (+/-5)30 (+/-1)15 (+/-1)5 (+/-1)100(+/-1)15 (+/-1)5 (+/-1)
Major phase:GammaGamma/AphaAlphaAlphaGammaAlphaAlpha
Chemical Purity:99.99%99.99%99.99%99.99%99.99%99.99%99.99%
Hardness, MOHS:8999899

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