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905-660-1754 / 905-660-1754
Type PAN-W Polishing Cloth
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PAN-W Polishing Cloth P.S.A. backed is a hard, non-woven impregnated oil/water resistant Polishing Cloth. A widely used chemo textile material promotes a high cutting rate when used with DIAPAT Diamond compounds in petrography, semi - conductor and composite materials polishing. Edge and inclusion retention are superior when used for rough polishing of steels.

Applications: Polishing ceramics, semi-conductors, single crystals, glass, ruby corundum quartz and metals.

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Ø 200mm (8 in) 14 20 01

Ø 250mm (10 in) 14 25 01

Ø 300 mm (12 in) 14 30 01

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