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905-660-1754 / 905-660-1754
MICRO-SOL 5000 Colloidal Silica Suspension
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Micro-Sol 5000 Colloidal Silica Suspension is medium sized spherical colloidal silica manufactured to provide excellent final finish on hard, brittle substrates. Ra finish of 1 angstrom (atomic force microscope) have been achieved on many substrates. It can replace colloidal silica's in all applications.

Micro-Sol 5000 is formulated to dry soft in order to eliminate scratches caused by dried polish, and prevent polish equipment from being encrusted with hardened silica.

Applications: Formulated as a soft - drying polish for sapphire, ceramics, silicon carbide, gallium nitride, quartz and other hard substrates.


Stock Item:
Use undiluted "as is" with a hard polishing pad.
Micron:Gravity:pH:Size:Order No.:
0.06 mµ1.210-1056 oz. (178 ml)15 16 01
0.06 mµ1.210-10532 oz. (0.95 lt)15 16 02

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