Metallurgical Technology

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Metallurgical Microscopes

The Light Optical Microscope is the most important tool for the study of microstructures. All examinations of microstructure begin with using a light microscope, starting at low magnification, followed by progressively higher magnifications for efficient assessment of basic characteristics of the microstructure.

MicroStar IMS-310 Inverted Metallurgical Microscope
MicroStar IMS-310 Infinitive Optical System provides excellent optical functions. The IMS-310 supplied with a stable Stand, the advanced Stage design allows for easy operation. The IMS-310 Inverted Metallurgical Microscope is widely used in many laboratories to observe and identify the various metals and alloy structures. Focus System, coaxial coarse and fine adjustment, vertical objective movement. Coarse stroke 37.7mm per rotation, fine stroke 0.2mm per rotation. ...Read More
MicroStar IMS-300 Inverted Metallurgical Microscope
IMS-300 MicroStar Metallurgical Microscope comes with metallurgical plan objectives, polarizing attachment and 1X or 0.6X C-mount for use in observations and analysis of metallurgy in the mechanical industries, research of geological or mineral department for crystals, integrated circuits, micro-electronics etc. especially suited for scientific research. ...Read More
MicroStar Upright Metallurgical Microscope UMS-350
MicroStar UMS-350 upright metallurgical Microscope is suitable to observe surfaces of opaque objects. Equipped with the excellent UIS optical system, the modularization function are designed so that the update system expediently and achieved polarization, with dark field observation. The compact and steady main frame body maximizes shock resistance. The ideal ergonomic design is adopted for easy operation and wide space. ...Read More
Stereo Microscope MBC-10
MBC-10 Stereo Microscope, includes stand with trans-illumination base, stage plates and clips. Binocular optical body with interpupillary adjustment and rack and pinion focusing mechanism. ...Read More
MicroStar Upright Metallurgical Microscope UMS-410
MicroStar UMS-410 Laboratory Metallurgical Microscope, including bright field, dark field and polarization observation system. Powerful transmitted and reflected system with Kohler illumination. Infinitive Optical System Providing Excellent Optical Functions. Ideal instrument for industry inspection and science research. ...Read More
Research Microscopes C-11 and P-111
The C-11 and P-111 are Research grade Microscopes designed for use where quality optical imaging is desired. They have applications in medicine, biology and general science, both in the industrial laboratory and teaching establishments. ...Read More
METAVISION Image Analyser
METAVISION New Generation Image Analysis Software developed for the Metallurgist to do analysis in the simplest way. Single screen Windows based system that is flexible and independent to adopt any capture card Camera or Microscope. Metavision handles monochrome (8 bits) color (24 bits) images. Multiple images of any size can be opened and displayed on the screen for analysis of comparison. Graphs and charts displayed on the monitor can be quickly transferred to any other Windows based program for use in reports and presentations. ...Read More
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