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Technovit® 2000 LC Liquid
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Technovit® 2000 LC is a blue light curing one component, high transparent embedding resin based on methacrylate. The curing takes place by the application of blue light. Technovit® 2000 LC is a very tight-fitting embedding agent and has been specifically developed for testing and mounting sensitive materials and micro-components. Technovit® 2000 LC is mainly used for Medical technology, Semiconductor technology, Optoelectronics and Microelectronics technologies. It is also suitable for materials that are very temperature sensitive. 

Part No: 11 09 00

Application: Technovit® 2000 LC is polymerized using special PE embedding moulds in the Technotray CU blue light unit. The maximum temperature reached is approx. 90° C. The polymerization temperature can be significantly reduced (to approx. 50° C) by working with several layers or by using a special radiation program. The samples can be mechanically processed after the material has cured. The material attains full hardness after having cooled down to room temperature. Technovit® 2000 LC can be combined with other Technovit polymers and resins e.g. for blocking and the like.

Special properties:

► no loss of material since it is a one-component material

► can be applied over an indefinite period because polymerization only starts when blue light is employed.

► low polymerization temperature of approx. 90° C. can also be polymerised at approx. 50° C.

► does not form bubbles

► suitable for use in SEM's

► does not develop odors

► alcohol and acid resistant

► cures under blue light

► no hazardous UV light required

► depending on the radiation time and light clouding is possible

The Technovit LC Varnish is a photocuring varnish to avoid the development of an inhibition layer on the ground sections embedded in Technovit 2000 LC. It is polymerised with the non dangerous spectrum of the visible blue light generated by the polymerisation unit Technotray CU. It is a liquid resin based on multifunctional methacrylates and is a one component material.

Part No : 11 09 01







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